Francis was born in 1986 in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. He grew up at a time of revolutions and Coup d’état, when peaceful mass demonstrations were transitioning to military adventurism. By the age of four, Francis had witnessed nine coup attempts to overthrow the government. Intrigued with what was happening around him, Francis started to have a fascination with history. He studied History and Chinese Studies at the Ateneo de Manila University for his undergraduate believing that he will be a historian one day.

In 2011 three years after getting his undergraduate degree, Francis decided to pursue his Graduate degree in Photography. He moved from Manila to San Francisco and entered the Academy of Arts University. He was inspired by the works of James Nachtwey and Gilles Peress, who became witnesses to the present human condition. He has integrated his training as a historian and social scientist into the artistic medium of photography.
Currently, Francis is finishing his Final Thesis Project entitled Beyond the Spectacle of Faith. It is a visual documentation of his exploration into the contemporary practice of Roman Catholicism in the Philippines. He is also maintaining good working relationships with Non-Profit Organizations in the Manila and San Francisco.
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